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Key to D2C

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

With all the options available to us, companies are having to explore new marketing tactics and platforms to have the edge on their competitors and reach their consumer base.

The most successful brand names in recent years have a handful of methods in common. From the design of their products to how they reach their customers.

Brands like Casper, Harry's and Allbirds have these successful tactics in common

  • They have mastered creating great products that fulfill everyday needs

  • They maintain a sense of luxury

  • They limit the drawback of too much choice

  • They launched their brands using social media, and it’s influencers

  • They focus on customer experience

  • Use OTT and TV to reach mass market and scale

From socks to razors, the playing field is as open as ever for entrepreneurs with ideas for products. The playbook may be ever-changing, but the route to success is becoming more direct..

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