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At BB3, our media planning and buying services allow us to assemble and evaluate data to determine your specific media needs. Whether it’s traditional TV ads or CTV — we can adapt your goals to the right strategy and deploy the right tactics to achieve your goals.

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While TV is often considered the platform of choice for raising brand awareness, new technologies now offer scope for more sophisticated and intelligent marketing techniques – precision targeting and revolutionary tracking make it an excellent channel for driving social engagement and direct response. TV advertising can generate an immediate response and make your brand famous.

Combining the biggest TV moments and highest-profile TV spots alongside the hardest-working, most efficient channels – as only an independent agency can – leads to some truly impressive outcomes.

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Marble Surface

Our performance marketing full-funnel CTV campaigns combine the impact and credibility of TV with the precision targeting capabilities of digital allowing your brand to reach viewers on any connected device.

We drive brand recognition on the big screen and use cross-platform and cross-device tracking and targeting to deliver consumers straight to your website or storefront.

Our unmatched strategy combines contextual targeting personas, 3rd party data segmentation, Private marketplace deals on premium CTV inventory, and best-in-class technology that delivers the results marketers expect from their performance channels.

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