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Our Team

The BB3 Group team has a wealth of experience of minimizing the risk of marketing cost whilst maximising return on investment. Meet our team of experienced media, marketing and client service professionals coming together to deliver unmatched ROI results. 


Ariel Brooks Benz, Founder

As the visionary founder of BB3, Ariel shines in marketing strategy, specializing in product launches, new market penetration, and brand revitalization. Her journey has been marked by leadership roles as a Media Director and Senior Director of New Business Development, leading to a profound understanding of media across television, CTV, programmatic, social, and digital. Ariel's expertise is highlighted by her contributions to prominent brands like Life Alert, Color Wow, Audien Hearing, Lear Capital and Publishers Clearing House, showcasing her ability to transform media and analytics into successful strategic plans.


Christopher Valentine, Data & Ops

Chris, our Data Analytics Lead and European presence, masterfully blends data insights with business acumen to optimize client ROI and refine BB3's analytics prowess is role is pivotal in enhancing our analytics capabilities, ensuring data-driven strategies inform every decision. With a broad understanding of business and marketing, Chris excels in leveraging data across international markets, optimizing client campaigns for unparalleled success. His dedication to data analytics drives the agency's strategic direction, making Chris an invaluable asset in improving our overall capabilities and ensuring excellence in client care through informed, analytics-led insights.


Honor Brooks, TV Media

Honor Brooks is a cornerstone of BB3, bringing unmatched experience and a keen analytical mind to her role. Her journey through the ranks of response-driven marketing has equipped her with a profound understanding of media buying and the sales structures of media outlets. Honor’s analytical skills shine as she evaluates performance data and market trends to craft campaigns that not only meet but exceed KPIs. Her savvy negotiations secure the best media placements, ensuring campaigns achieve optimal performance and reach. Overseeing broadcast, cable, satellite, and syndication, Honor's strategic and data-driven approach delivers outstanding results.


Elena Quiroga, TV and CTV

Elena is a media buying powerhouse at BB3, harnesses her extensive experience in TV, podcast, and radio advertising to drive client success. Her analytical prowess enables her to delve deep into audience data and market trends, crafting campaigns that not only reach but resonate with targeted demographics. Elena's approach to media buying is grounded in data-driven strategies, ensuring each campaign achieves maximum impact and ROI. With a tenacious and innovative mindset, she secures prime ad placements and negotiates deals that leverage the full power of analytics, making her an invaluable asset in optimizing our clients' advertising efforts.


Reid Parr, Influencer Marketing

Reid stands as BB3's dynamic Influencer Manager, with a keen eye for fashion, beauty, health, and wellness trends. Her exceptional communication skills and leadership in influencer marketing make her an expert at crafting authentic, engaging campaigns that resonate with audiences. Reid's strategic approach and passion for creating meaningful connections drive the success of our influencer collaborations, ensuring maximum impact and ROI for our brands. Her dedication to excellence and innovative marketing strategies position her as a pivotal contributor to our team's success.


Patti Suchanick , Digital and Social

Patti is our expert in social media and strategic communications, known for her creativity, attention to detail, and technical savvy. She leads ROI-focused influencer campaigns and digital media executions across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and TikTok. With a strong background in analytics, Patti excels in leveraging data to craft successful campaigns, fostering brand growth through precise targeting and optimization. Her passion for analytics and strategy makes her pivotal in cultivating long-term relationships with key content creators, ensuring our clients' brands thrive in the digital landscape.


Ivana Gontes, Creative

Ivana excels as our Creative Guru, blending traditional visual arts with cutting-edge AI technology. Her expertise in graphic design and passion for innovation fuel her creation of captivating, strategically sound design executions. Ivana's knack for utilizing AI technology enhances our creative projects, pushing the boundaries of both efficiency and creativity. Her work embodies the perfect blend of visual artistry and technological innovation, ensuring our clients' campaigns are impactful and visually compelling. Dedicated to staying ahead of industry trends, Ivana ensures our creative strategies deliver extraordinary results.


Lea Payan, Influencer Marketing

Lea is a seasoned digital marketing strategist, specializing in global omnichannel strategies across social media, influencer marketing, video, website, email marketing, and PPC. With over seven years of experience, she excels in managing complex projects in fast-paced environments and is adept at communication and coordination. With a sharp focus on analytics, A/B testing, and data analysis, she excels at crafting data-driven decisions that propel brands forward. Lea's approach combines strategic foresight with actionable insights, making her a critical asset in navigating the digital landscape and achieving outstanding results.

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