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2021 Social Media Hacks

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

It is no secret that Instagram’s ever-illusive algorithm is constantly making changes that affect both organic and paid efforts on the platform. Our team took the time to uncover some of the top tips and hacks you need to be using to beat Instagram’s current algorithm and deliver an ROI on your campaigns.

· Create Reels- One of the platform’s newest features, “reels”, is favored by the platform to appear more often on user’s timelines. Be careful not to reshare TikTok videos in place of reels as Instagram is now stating that content with watermarks from other apps like Tiktok makes that content harder to discover in the Reels tab.

· Post on your stories every day- Posting consistently on your stories helps your content be at the top of mind and the top of user’s feeds.

· Invest in paid social with "dark posts" and boosted IGC - one sure way to beat IG’s algorithm and target consumers exactly where they are is with targeted Instagram ads.

· Utilize Instagram influencers- Utilizing social media influencers to promote your brand can be a cost-effective way to get your products and content in front of new audiences in an authentic way.

· Do not use copywritten music on posts- Instagram algorithm “shadow bans” posts automatically when they use content that features artists' music with copywrites. This, in turn, can greatly hurry a brand’s organic engagement. Always search for generic/stock or edited versions of songs to avoid being given a slap on the wrist from Instagram’s algorithm.

· Encourage users to save and share content- Likes are no longer the only measurement that Instagram favors to determine if your posts are getting engagement or not. Instagram is now favoring posts that platform users save for later and share with their followers. The easiest way to do this is to create content that is informational and/or inspirational. Users tend to save and share content that resonates with them, and that can help others.

These are just some of the tips that we use to maximize our Instagram presence, drive sales and revenue. What ways do you use to beat IG’s not-so-intuitive landscape?

Reach out to our BB3 team to explore how we can deliver best in class social media management that drives revenue.


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