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Say goodbye to cookies!

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Cookies have been tracking our online behavior for years, building detailed profiles consisting of our interests, spending habits, and lifestyle choices. They are what have allowed us to have extremely personalized experiences on the internet, but consumers now feel that they might be too personalized and that the unchecked tracking capabilities of third-party cookies are a huge invasion of privacy.

A recent Pew report found that 79% of Americans are concerned about the way companies use their data. 41% of consumers regularly delete cookies, and 30% have installed an adblocker.

It’s clear that consumers want some space, and it is up to brands to find a happy medium where their consumers still have personalized experiences - but without feeling that they have no control or privacy.

Luckily, there are a few options to accomplish this!

The first approach is to use your raw and contextual data to retarget your existing customers, and then use that data to create lookalike audiences and target them. This is an incredibly effective approach, allowing marketers to use their existing data to find new customers.

Another is converting to a Single Sign On platform (SSO), where upon logging on to an application, the user is signed in to other applications automatically. This allows for marketers to track their behavior across various applications and provide a seamless experience as they move through the internet. Consumers are presented with disclaimers, and their permission is necessary to sign them in on other platforms, giving them the control they desire.

Lastly is by collecting zero-party data. This allows customers to voluntary share their likes, dislikes, and habits by answering polls, quizzes and questionnaires. Customers are in compete control over what information is shared, and are still able to have personalized experiences as they surf the web.

Cookies are on their way out and we’ve been working through the best practices for clients and brands to ensure that we are ahead of the changes. Are you ready for the cookie-less future?

Contact a BB3 team member to talk through how we can futureproof your brand!


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