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How Different Generations Use Social Media

Social Media started off as an outlet for tech-savvy individuals to communicate with friends and family, but it has since grown in popularity with every generation, each approaching it differently.

Read below for a breakdown on which platforms each generation uses, and what they want out of their experiences!

Generation Z

generation z on social media

Generation Z is the youngest generation on social media, and they barely remember a world without it. The oldest of the generation were introduced to Facebook before they were even teenagers, and they’ve grown up curating a second life across several platforms.

Where are Gen Z? TikTok & Instagram. They love quick bits of video content and scrolling endlessly. They have short attention spans, but absorb information quickly.

What do they want out of their experience? Growing up in the era of cancel culture and accountability, they expect the same from their favorite brands. They demand brands have good values, be transparent and provide responsive customer service.


Millennials are our social media pioneers. They were the first to fully embrace these platforms and are the driving force behind making their popularity. They grew up on MySpace, and then every social media platform that followed.

Where are Millennials? Everywhere, but mainly Instagram and Twitter.

What do they want out of their experience? Having been a generation to live both with and without social media, they want their experience to have purpose. They want authenticity out of brands.

Generation X

Generation X followed millennials in adapting to social media, but didn't inherit the ‘selfie culture’ invented by their younger counterparts. They’re not fans of overly broadcasting their personal lives, and are independent thinkers.

Where are they? Facebook and YouTube.

What do they want out of their experience? Known as the “middle child” generation, they just want to be noticed. They feel out of touch with boomer and millennial marketing, and need something special just for them. They’re hard to win over, but one you do, their brand loyalty is second to none.

Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers didn’t have social media until they were well into adulthood, and their inexperience with the nuances of social media reflects in how they use the platforms. Instead of using it to curate an online persona, they mainly use it for communication and research. They are 19% more likely to share content on the platform, and the least likely of any generation to access social media via smartphones.

Where are Baby Boomers? Facebook & LinkedIn

What do they want out of their experience? They want to spend money! But, they spend approximately 11 hours online before making a purchase, and they expect exceptional customer service.

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