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CTV in 2023

Are you ready for the future of advertising? The year is 2023, and the world of marketing has never been more exciting! As you're well aware of the importance of staying ahead of the curve when it comes to advertising trends. One trend that you can't afford to ignore is the rise of CTV (Connected TV) as a key component of your D3C (Data-Driven Direct to Consumer) marketing strategy.

So, what is CTV? Simply put, it's television content that's streamed through the internet, rather than through traditional cable or satellite channels. This allows viewers to watch their favorite shows and movies on a wide variety of devices, from smartphones to streaming devices to smart TVs.

And the numbers don't lie - CTV is growing at an astonishing rate. According to a recent study by eMarketer, CTV ad spend is projected to reach $8.04 billion in 2023, an increase of 32.9% from the previous year. And it's not just the big players like Netflix and Hulu that are driving this growth - smaller, niche streaming services are also seeing huge success.

But what makes CTV such an attractive option for advertisers? For one, it offers a wealth of targeting options. With programmatic advertising, you can reach specific audiences based on demographics, interests, and behaviors. And because CTV is often watched on large, high-definition screens, the ad formats are more engaging and immersive.

But perhaps the biggest advantage of CTV is the ROI (Return on Investment). According to a study by Nielsen, CTV ads have an average ROI of 400%, making it a highly cost-effective option for marketers.

So, as you plan your advertising strategy for 2023, don't overlook the power of CTV. By partnering with a trusted agency like BB3, you can leverage the latest technology and insights to reach the right audiences and drive real business results.

Remember, the future of advertising is here, and it's all about CTV. Make sure to include it in your D3C marketing strategy to stay ahead of the curve and optimize your ROI.


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