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Dracula Kills 3D Billboards

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

While Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffit's (Dr. Who and Sherlock) three-part Dracula adaptation concluded last week on the BBC to mixed reviews, the genius of the ad campaign that accompanied it was not in dispute.

The team at BBC Creative ambitiously erected two 3D billboards, one in London and one in Birmingham. At first glance, they appear understated, but to the point, with Dracula written in bold blood-red type on one side of the board, the other side being occupied by a collection of randomly physically placed wooden stakes stabbing the hoarding. However, as the day draws in and the sun sets the billboard is cleverly lit so that the stakes cast an eerie silhouette of the count in all his ghoulish glory!

Olly Harnett, Creative Head at BBC Creative says it’s “one of the most ambitious special builds we’ve ever undertaken” and goes on to say, "Our campaign for Dracula leaves the audience in no doubt they can expect something fresh and unexpected from this extraordinary adaptation of the vampire classic”.

The impressive ad campaign goes to show that the competition has never been greater to capture the public’s imagination, and not just their attention, in order to and create a buzz around new content. .


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